Not so lazy Sunday


I’ve been off the bike for a few weeks. Actually, I haven’t done much exercise at all because I’m recovering from bonchitis.

San Antonio Wheelmen Ride Starter

Today, I was the ‘ride starter’ for my local bike club, The San Antonio Wheelmen. I’m still sick, but I agreed to lead. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ride, then I decided I’d ride about ten miles. Then, on the road, I decided I’d ride 26 miles. The weather was sunny and chilly at a temperature of 45 degrees. I wore my leg and arm warmers.

Riding with Strangers

I met Kelli at the beginning of the ride and we rode with two other women (Maria and the other lady did not intro) for 10 miles and then split off onto a shorter route. I actually caught them all at the first stop light a mile down the road. Being ride starter makes for a lonely ride. Everyone takes off before I can pack all the stuff up. Next time I think I’ll put the maps and sign-in roster away BEFORE I give the ride briefing and send off.

Low Water Crossings Suck

Several miles down the road we encountered an impassable low water crossing so we diverted to an alternate (slightly longer route).

Flooded Low Water Crossing

Dog Chases Don’t Suck (Believe It Or Not)

A few miles down the road, we met a few dogs. I captured one of the dog chases on video.

Kelli is repeatedly yelling, “No,” at the dog. That works for most dogs.

Maiden Voyage

Today was the maiden voyage of my new TwinSix Grease and Glory jersey–one of my Christmas presents.

Journey’s End

At a little over 29 miles we made it back to the car. We rode a very moderate pace. I feel pretty good.