Nervous about the future

Time marches on

My Air Force retirement date looms in the not too distant future and I’m nervous about what I’ll do next. I’ve read several books. I’ve taken some occupational testing. None of it has helped. I still don’t know how or where I should look for a job. I have ideas. HEB or AT&T perhaps.

No more military uniform

I bought a nice JC Penney Stafford suit yesterday. I’m pretty excited about that. I have not purchased a new suit in over 20 years! Stafford is the JC Penney ‘house’ brand. I’ve read the Millionaire Next Door twice. In the book, Thomas J. Stanley writes more millionaires buy that brand than any other.

Resumes are a lot of work

I need to start working on my resume, too. I have a daily reminder on my calendar, but we’ve been so busy lately. I suspect I’ll have a lot more time in a couple weeks.

Help me find a job!

If you can think of any job recommendations in the San Antonio area please post them below. Also, if you know someone who’s looking to fill a management position around the end of this year let me know!