What I wanna be when I grow up…any ideas?

Well, watch the video first. Then post your comments.

Here’s the job list:

Best Match 

Airline Pilot, Architect, Author, Banker, Carpenter, Chef culinary artist, Clerk, Composer, Computer programmer CIS, Consultant, Counselor, Craftsman, Criminal investigator special agent, Designer, Draftsman, Education Administrators Elementary and Secondary School, Educator, Geologist, Government service specialist, Graphic designer, Hospital administrator, Instructors – various areas, Insurance appraiser–adjuster, Interior decorator, Inventor, Library science, Management analyst, Music director, Musician–composer, Nursing, Nursing instructor, Performing artist, Pharmacist, Philosopher, Photographer, Physician, Playwright, Professor, Scholar, Science instructor, Scientist, Teacher, Theologian

Close Match

Administration, Audiologist, Buyer purchaser, Chef culinary artist, Clergy, Counselor, Craftsman, Customer service representative, Diplomat, Driver, Education Administrators  Elementary and Secondary School, Educational vocational and school counselors, Electrician, Event planner, Flight attendant, Funeral director, Government agency specialist, Home care aide, Homemaker, Human resource director, Instructors in variety of areas, Job analyst, Librarian, Loan counselor, Manager, Medical service fields, Mental health counselor, Nurse, Occupational therapist, Pharmacist, Physical therapist, Preschool teacher, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Real estate agent, Researcher, Schoolteacher, Secretary executive assistant, Social worker, Speech pathologist, Technical writer, and Writer/editor

2 thoughts on “What I wanna be when I grow up…any ideas?

  1. Daniel says:

    I like how specific it is… you can be anything from a geologist to a pilot. It would've been nice if the computer weeded out the easy kills… artist, author, composer (these people typically know what they want to be without an online quiz). My vote is to go with a blend of scholar/craftsman–use your GI Bill money to get paid while you take a few classes to pick up some trade that you like (I'd personally learn to weld and build custom bike frames, but I hear the pay isn't too great! 🙂 Oh well, let me know how it goes, I'm in the same boat–out on Dec 31.


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