Visiting Evernote Austin

Today I visited Evernote Austin. Wow, what a great group of amazing people. I had earned enough Evernote Points to request an Evernote Headquarters visit. I contacted Heather at Evernote to ask if I could visit the Austin, Texas, office instead of the Redwood City, California, Headquarters. 

Joe Lopez, Bruce Bebow, and Keith Lang - Joe sent this pic. :)

Joe Lopez, Bruce Bebow, and Keith Lang – Joe sent this pic. 🙂

Joe, Head of Skitch, welcomed me and made the trip memorable. We talked about how I use Evernote, Food, and Skitch and I provided some input on how they could make things even better. 

Next, I ate lunch with everyone and had some memorable conversations with the team. Keith Lang (CO-FOUNDER OF SKITCH!!!) joined us for lunch, and I asked him how he came up with Skitch. He told me the interesting reason which I might share if you ask me, but for now will remain unpublished.

My home office and MacBook Pro covered in Evernote and Skitch Stickers!

My home office and MacBook Pro covered in Evernote and Skitch Stickers!

Joe gave me a canvas Evernote bag filled with amazing Evernote things including several stickers which I’ve wanted for a few years, now. Finally, I have some stickers that rate high enough to go on my MacBook Pro.

I’ve been using Evernote software for a few years. Ask me how you can use Evernote to improve your memory using software that spans all your devices, and I’ll be happy to give you some life-changing advice. 

Fleeting glimpse. Life.

They say time flies

I believe it. Forty years I’ve roamed this earth. Forty. 4-0. Sometimes I reflect on the past. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different if I took a different path. I wonder if the path would’ve still led me here. Now.


What makes life worth living? When you reflect, what do you think about? What’s missing? Wish you would have done something differently? Wish you would have spent more time with someone? Wish you would have done something more? That’s what you value. That’s what gives you pleasure, what makes your life worth living. Do THAT. You can’t get back lost time, but you can focus on the future and make the best of it. The future will be gone before you know it, and you’ll be reflecting on it. Make your life count. 

Truly LIVE your life

Slow down. Live in the moment. Cherish the moment. Cherish the person you’re with. Too often we find ourselves worrying about the past or the future. Why are we in such a hurry to get nowhere? Your children are growing up. Spend time with them now. They’ll be gone sooner than you think. They’ll never be kids again. I spent a lot of time with my kids. A lot. I still wish I had spent more time with them. They’re becoming independent now. That’s the natural order of things, but it still hurts. I want the best for them. That includes letting them go; letting them grow up.

Give yourself

Devote your full attention to the person you love. Life is but a fleeting glimpse–a single breath of eternity.

What is 33-SC-E on my VA payment history?

33-SC-E on your VA payment history is the Post 911/GI Bill benefit PAID DIRECTLY TO THE SCHOOL you are attending for your tuition–not you.

I’m posting this simple post because I had some difficulty finding the correct answer and did not get the answer until I connected the dots after the first 33-SC-E payment date passed.

I originally posted this information at the very bottom of this long post regarding VA BDD.