Bruce Bebow’s Portfolio

Bruce Bebow enjoys working behind-the-scenes. He doesn’t really like drawing attention to himself or his work. He likes to get things DONE, and does not care who gets the credit (as long as his opinion counts).

In case you’re looking to hire him, he’s assembled some examples of his professional, as well as, personal work.


Alamo Federal Executive Board (March 2011 – October 2016)


Bruce Bebow designed the federal agency website using the WordPress platform, and created the agency Facebook and Twitter accounts. The website communicates recommended operating status for all federal agencies (90,000+ federal employees) in the San Antonio area. The website communicates the mission of the Alamo Federal Executive Board and announces upcoming seminars, conferences, and ceremonies.

Social Media

Bruce Bebow established the social media brand for the Alamo Federal Executive Board. He established Facebook and Twitter accounts and then started creating and curating content.


Bruce notices the minute details.

Bruce notices the minute details.

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