Sunday Night

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to fall asleep on Sunday night? I can’t decide it I’m trying to stretch out my weekend as long as possible. Before I started my most recent job I thought I didn’t look forward to Monday’s workday. However, now I really look forward to getting to work on Monday morning. Well, I’m going to try to get some sleep now.

Apple Watch – Fitness

Key Feature

I’m not an early adopter; I usually wait for the second generation product. I want the company to work the kinks out. Hence, my circumstance with my Series 2 Apple Watch, my first Apple Watch. I could tell you all of the wonderful things of which this little gadget is capable (and perhaps I will another time), but for now I want to focus on one singularly distinctive feature.

Apple Watch Display Apple Watch Display


Activity encapsulates your day’s activities in wonderful little concentric rings. At the beginning of the day one starts with a blank slate. The rings grow in length throughout the day based on preset goals established by the user.


One literally closes the loops while working toward achieving the day’s goals. As a former user of a different exercise tracking band I can say the visual cues are a superior incentive. The watch also reminds one to stand after a sedentary period.

IPhone Activity Display Screen IPhone Activity Display Screen

Statistics Galore

The iPhone tracks and displays statistics in daily, weekly, and monthly formats.


The myriad of uses make the watch beneficial, but incentivized fitness along with statistical analysis and progress make the watch a useful fitness tool.

Perspective Changes Everything

Many people move along through life missing the wonder of our world. One need only stop for a few moments to see something amazing. Take this little patch of mushroom for example. They’re tiny. The entire patch takes up little space. Now, what happens when we stop for a minute and change our perspective. 

Mushrooms on the Ground

Mushrooms on the Ground

When observed differently, the little patch takes up much more space. One sees the intricacy of the tiny towers. 

On the Ground with Mushrooms

On the Ground with Mushrooms

Life is like that. We may see something small and think it’s no big deal, but we later realize it was a bigger deal than we thought. Conversely, we might think something is a huge deal, but come-to-find-out it was really just a tiny issue.

When something bothers you take a step back. It might be a smaller problem than you think.

Who We Are

As I write this my grandfather is lying in a hospital bed dying. He’s refused medical treatment for his recently broken back, and he refuses to eat. It’s been three days. Fortunately, he’s heavily sedated, but, unfortunately, still suffering from incredible pain. He’s dying. It’s inevitable for all of us, I know, but his death is imminent. It’s really in our face now. He’s been unhappy for several years since my grandmother was taken from us. Is it for the best he’s dying? Probably. Yes. Yes, I think it’s for the best. His health has suffered in recent years, and he’s unhappy. He’s nearly 90 years old.

That’s not my point, though. I don’t really want to talk about his death. I want to talk about his life. His influence. 

Grampa and me. February 2005

Grampa and me. February 2005

My earliest memories involve interactions with my grandparents. You see, my mom was a single mother. Consequently, my grandparents greatly contributed during my formative years. As early as I can remember, my grandfather held strong opinions, and he was never timid expressing them. The good thing is his opinions were valid. One of the few remaining World War II veterans, he remembered the great depression. He knew tough times first-hand. 

I remember my grandfather being loud and opinionated, but I also remember him being soft-spoken when explaining how something worked or how it should be accomplished. He was a man’s man, and he taught me how to be a man. He taught me right and wrong. He instilled my work ethic. My step-father was a positive influence in my life, but he did not come into the picture for a few years. 

We don’t often think about it, but the people with whom we interact make us who we are. Our family, our friends, our enemies. They all contribute to our person, to our being. I hope I’ve become a great man. I’ve aspired to greatness because I witnessed an example of greatness. No one is perfect, and perspectives vary by individual, but in my eyes, my grandfather was a great man. I’ve always wanted to make him proud. He was a proud man. 

At the same time his pride taught me another lesson: don’t be too proud to admit you’re not perfect. Don’t alienate loved ones because of your pride. 

When my grandmother died unexpectedly, I learned the value of making sure my loved ones know I love them before it’s too late. Besides quelling my pride, I wonder what lesson(s) I will learn from my grandfather’s death. I certainly learned much from his life. I will miss him. Immensely.

Disappointment & Thankfulness

Everyday.  That’s how often I think about blogging.  Everyday, I think I need to take a few minutes and post something on here.  Everyday, I want to sit down and jot something down. Do you know how depressing it is to miss the mark everyday. Am I setting myself up for disappointment?

Humans need to express themselves. Whether verbally, or with a scribbly pictures, or perhaps touch. Humans need some form interaction with others.  

So what does all that have to do with thankfulness you may be asking? Well, whenever I feel depressed, disappointed or defeated I take a moment and think about all of the wonderful portions of my life for which I’m thankful.

Is there something in your life that disappoints you that you’re failing to do daily or weekly or monthly?

Take an hour.  Take a half hour. Take a minute. Do that thing. Progress is progress even if it’s a tiny bit.

Visiting Evernote Austin

Today I visited Evernote Austin. Wow, what a great group of amazing people. I had earned enough Evernote Points to request an Evernote Headquarters visit. I contacted Heather at Evernote to ask if I could visit the Austin, Texas, office instead of the Redwood City, California, Headquarters. 

Joe Lopez, Bruce Bebow, and Keith Lang - Joe sent this pic. :)

Joe Lopez, Bruce Bebow, and Keith Lang – Joe sent this pic. 🙂

Joe, Head of Skitch, welcomed me and made the trip memorable. We talked about how I use Evernote, Food, and Skitch and I provided some input on how they could make things even better. 

Next, I ate lunch with everyone and had some memorable conversations with the team. Keith Lang (CO-FOUNDER OF SKITCH!!!) joined us for lunch, and I asked him how he came up with Skitch. He told me the interesting reason which I might share if you ask me, but for now will remain unpublished.

My home office and MacBook Pro covered in Evernote and Skitch Stickers!

My home office and MacBook Pro covered in Evernote and Skitch Stickers!

Joe gave me a canvas Evernote bag filled with amazing Evernote things including several stickers which I’ve wanted for a few years, now. Finally, I have some stickers that rate high enough to go on my MacBook Pro.

I’ve been using Evernote software for a few years. Ask me how you can use Evernote to improve your memory using software that spans all your devices, and I’ll be happy to give you some life-changing advice.