Perspective Changes Everything

Many people move along through life missing the wonder of our world. One need only stop for a few moments to see something amazing. Take this little patch of mushroom for example. They’re tiny. The entire patch takes up little space. Now, what happens when we stop for a minute and change our perspective. 

Mushrooms on the Ground

Mushrooms on the Ground

When observed differently, the little patch takes up much more space. One sees the intricacy of the tiny towers. 

On the Ground with Mushrooms

On the Ground with Mushrooms

Life is like that. We may see something small and think it’s no big deal, but we later realize it was a bigger deal than we thought. Conversely, we might think something is a huge deal, but come-to-find-out it was really just a tiny issue.

When something bothers you take a step back. It might be a smaller problem than you think.

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