Apple Watch – Fitness

Key Feature

I’m not an early adopter; I usually wait for the second generation product. I want the company to work the kinks out. Hence, my circumstance with my Series 2 Apple Watch, my first Apple Watch. I could tell you all of the wonderful things of which this little gadget is capable (and perhaps I will another time), but for now I want to focus on one singularly distinctive feature.

Apple Watch Display Apple Watch Display


Activity encapsulates your day’s activities in wonderful little concentric rings. At the beginning of the day one starts with a blank slate. The rings grow in length throughout the day based on preset goals established by the user.


One literally closes the loops while working toward achieving the day’s goals. As a former user of a different exercise tracking band I can say the visual cues are a superior incentive. The watch also reminds one to stand after a sedentary period.

IPhone Activity Display Screen IPhone Activity Display Screen

Statistics Galore

The iPhone tracks and displays statistics in daily, weekly, and monthly formats.


The myriad of uses make the watch beneficial, but incentivized fitness along with statistical analysis and progress make the watch a useful fitness tool.