What is 33-SC-E on my VA payment history?

33-SC-E on your VA payment history is the Post 911/GI Bill benefit PAID DIRECTLY TO THE SCHOOL you are attending for your tuition–not you.

I’m posting this simple post because I had some difficulty finding the correct answer and did not get the answer until I connected the dots after the first 33-SC-E payment date passed.

I originally posted this information at the very bottom of this long post regarding VA BDD.

4 thoughts on “What is 33-SC-E on my VA payment history?

  1. Trish says:

    Yes, this was extremely helpful. So, it's a payment on our behalf, to the school,hm, ok. This is a way to make sure the veteran knows when the school is paid, that is a great way to use this info. I'm sure some schools don't update the veteran on their payment status, so this is indeed helpful.


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